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Our major areas of implementation

Climate Smart Agriculture

We strive to promote new types of environmentally-friendly agricultural practices and contribute to food security by training the communities on new knowledge that increase yield, crop-animals waste reuse and protect the environment.

ICT Resource Centre for Agriculture

With access to computers and internet, we provide the community with opportunity to develop farming skills and tools while fostering innovation, employment and access to vital information and basic internet services.

Gender, OVCs & Social Protection

We engage community members, local leaders, gate keepers and stakeholders to value safe spaces and support community against unemployment, exclusion, sickness, disability and old age by being a voice.

Resource Management & Governance

We support creation of enabling environment where needs of those vulnerable are addressed through the development of regulations, and systems that can fairly address these inequalities, participation and consultation.

Case Study

Determination of A Rural Farming Community in Western Kenya

RDN Agribusiness Cohorts Surviving Covid-19

The small- scale farmers with whom Riana Development Network works are at risk form the negative effects of Covid-19. Tangible progress has been made, with youth farmers and women being supported to embrace agriculture as a livelihood option and a food security. Agricultural produce also positively contributes to the food security of their families and neighboring communities  Read More

“We shall survive”: Determination of A Rural Farming Community in Western Kenya