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Creating Decent Employment Opportunities for youth and women (CREDEE) is a 2 years DfID funded project under the Small Charity Challenge Fund (SCCF) that creates the condition necessary to expand faming opportunities and “pull” partnerships towards market value chains. The project implemented by Riana Development Network (RDN) in 4 locations in Western Kenya, targets most vulnerable populations such as women and youth. CREDEE program operates in East, Central and South Kabuoch in Homabay County, Western Kenya. Western Kenya has become increasingly in need of humanitarian intervention following unpredictable climate patters. CREDEE program seeks to introduce opportunities to lift vulnerable families and help those who’ve encountered losses with ways to rebuild their lives. Under the leadership of Country Director, Joshua Odhiambo, the program offers a variety of trainings opportunities, financing, market linkages and community


We work with a team of 4 staff and 10 volunteers


We are implementing in 3 locations in Kabuoch District


80% of our budget goes into direct program implementation


Total number of participants reached through various interventions

CREDEEP Program is reaching out to 400 youth and women to;

  • Build their capacities to create and manage their own resources for increased reliance against agricultural loss and famine.
  • To strengthen individual skills to nutrition, WASH and basic literacy in order to take advantage of new farming techniques, climate information and economic opportunities and
  • Collaborate, learn and adapt to ensure that the project together with beneficiaries, continuously adapts to changing climatic conditions, including political disparities.

CREDEEP program focuses more on the qualitative results of the program as the beneficiaries experience them, and being informed as climate change and unpredictable weather patterns increases forcing more families into informal temporary employment. The program’s four interventions seek to build resilience of households and communities though a holistic approach. Together, the four objectives targets the accessibility to farm inputs, financial services, climate information, new farming techniques, building market linkages and investments of small farming practices, improved agricultural production, improved gender roles and social support (form widows and orphans), introduction of technology to improve access to agricultural and economic information and the improvement of government service delivery.


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