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ICT Resource Centre

ICT Team conducting one of the daily IT for agriculture training sessions at Riana Development Network Offices in Magina – Homabay. Photo: Phelix Ng’ong’a

One of the emerging needs and priorities towards attaining Kenya’s Vision 2030 development goals and objectives for wealth and job creation is the achievement of an industrialized information society and knowledge economy. This requires interventions in underserved areas like Magina too, it’s therefore our objective to facilitate access to knowledge and current information towards creation of dignified jobs that provide financial security, and independence while allowing room for greater innovation and development. We intend to include rural and underprivileged dwellers in Homabay in the special declaration under the National, Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) Policy of 2019. Kenyan Government, like any other government in developing world is challenged to facilitate the provision of rural ICT access centers to become learning centers and assist in bringing the digital divide between rural and urban communities. As the ICT policy proposes, to create infrastructure conditions and to position communities to take advantage of emerging trends such as the shared and GIG economy (Free Market with temporary tasks) by enhancing our education institutions and the skills of our people, and fostering innovation.


Our ICT Resource Centre model has been adopted to provide a hybrid not-for-profit community resource centre. The purpose is to provide community development information and business services to remote communities. The ICT Resource Centre will provide access to: complete set of computers, internet services, Microsoft Office learning software, Printer, copier, whiteboard, projector, and course facilitator. In addition, there will be adjoining library with books, newspapers and magazines. We envision to link local government services to the ICT centre to facilitate access to government information and government to citizen (G2C) interaction.

People registered for computer literacy class within a period of two weeks

Percentage number of computer students that are female

Number of computer sharing per session of each 4 daily sessions

Our project objectives are;
  • To assist in bridging the digital divide between rural and urban areas.
  • To improve community information needs and enhance national integration
  • To create ICT awareness in the rural areas.
  • To improve community training and provision of small-scale business information.
  • To support communication and business activities in rural community.
  • To support community-based organizations through promotion workshops, competitions, and publications.


CREDEEP focuses on actualizing these objectives by targeting women, youth, school groups, local NGOs, local government, boys and men. Our products and services are mainly educating and graduating the community on basic computer knowledge, supporting local farmers on identifying nearby markets and determining accurate pricing, providing weather information to guide farmers, communication and printing services for women and youth groups on agricultural extension and micro-credit programs, HIV/AIDs communication, Government information, internet navigation, environment conservation and cost-effective communication. The project is planned to cover 3 sub-counties in Homabay County. Riana Development Network (RDN) has facilitated construction of the facility and provision of basic infrastructure.

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