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The Great Otieno Akal: How a handicapped man beat both Prejudice and Poverty.

Kabuoch Kawuor – Homabay

Raising siblings as a youth-caregiver and a disabled, orphan is considered impossible, but Otieno Akal is no man, but a god at Kabuoch Kawuor, Migera Village – so as they say, a man with NO impossibilities.  Read More

Working with communities to curb the spread of Coronavirus

Introduction to covid-19

To support the fight against Covid-19, Riana Development Network (RDN), County Government of Homabay, and Local Government organized a public awareness event on 31st July, 2020 at RDN centre in Magina, Homabay  Read More

Rural Kenya Shakes up food shortage with new farming techniques

MAGINA, Homabay – It’s early morning and Duncan Yongo 32, prepares his “jembe”, the local name for farming hoe. Yongo heads to his farm to till the land, now covered in maize stalks and healthy weeds – a clear sign of the potential and vigor that awaits the next phase of farming.  Read More

Magina sets up a Village-Based tropical pasture production – a business story

On 30th July, 2020, Riana Development Network (RDN) organized a business training session in partnership with Advantage Crops Limited – a Kenyan company involved in crop product development, integration and delivery of new generation seeds of forage grasses, legumes and vegetable varieties.  Read More

CREDEEP Inception meeting

Riana Development Network hosted an inception meeting on 9th September 2019 in Magina, Western Kenya. Present at the meeting were Mrs. Vivian Nyambane, Area Chief and a UK team comprised of Mr. Rodgers Orero, Executive Director, Riana Development Network,  and Mrs. Janet Omondi,  Trustee , Riana Development Network. Read More

Layering income opportunities for resilience

Kawere Sub Location, Western-Kenya – When the first few residents of this village in Magina received small ruminant animals, nearly two years ago, the only aim was to provide an incentive for the family through goat milk, as most families experience malnutrition due to lack of balanced diet and school drop outs Read More

From CAN’T to CAN: The Case of Walter Lusi

Kobita Village – Dhiwa, Kenya – It’s mid-morning and Walter Lusi, a 33 and beneficiary of Riana Development Network’s (RDN) program; Creating Decent Employment Opportunities (CREDEEP), prepares to leave his home to go look for nippier grass to feed his cow, bought 3 months ago. Read More

Sustaining livelihoods under Covid-19

As communities become more fragile to Covid-19, due to lack of awareness on preventive measures to mitigate against contracting and spreading coronavirus, Riana Development Network initiated training and sensitization meetings to connect the communities with the right information and opportunities Read More

How to stay safe from Covid-19

1. Wash your hands regularly

2. Maintain Social Distancing

3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

4. Practice respiratory hygiene

5. If you have fever, cough and difficulty in breathing. Seek Medical Advice immediately

6. Bookmark our website to stay informed

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